By trade I'm a physicist, working at the Princeton Center For Theoretical Science, and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. At the end of the year I will be moving to Germany to work at the Max Planck Centre for Plasma Physics in Greifswald.

Previously I have worked at the Rudolph Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics and Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. I have also held a Junior Research Fellowship at Merton College.

On this site you can find a list of my research interests, a list of my Publications including preprints and unpublished notes, my rambling thoughts on textbooks and any teaching materials I concoct.

When not trying to do physics I'm politically acitve (or at least have strong political opinions) and enjoy Cookery, Hill Walking, playing bridge and reading.

You can also find my CV on this site, if you are sufficiently mad as to want to employ me.

You can also contact me. Spam will be dealt with severely (or ignored). If I politely decline your offer to make £££ in investment banking, please don't contact me again.