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 * [[http://www.utumno.org.uk/pdfs/WessexLeagueScorecard.pdf|Teams of 8 Scorecard]]  * Teams of 8 Scorecard in [[http://www.utumno.org.uk/pdfs/WessexLeagueScorecard.pdf|PDF]],[[http://www.utumno.org.uk/pdfs/WessexLeagueScorecard.xls|Excel]], or [[http://www.utumno.org.uk/pdfs/WessexLeagueScorecard.gnumeric|Gnumeric]] format.
 * [[http://www.bridgewebs.com/aylesbury/|Aylsebury bridge club]], including the authoritative Wessex League (Oxfordshire, inter-club teams of 8 competition) results, fixtures and regulations.

When I'm not doing physics, I'm an avid bridge player. I have been strongly involved in the Cambridge University Bridge Club and currently play at the Oxford University Student Bridge Association.

Useful bridge things