I'm politically active and a self-described socialist. A member both of the Labour party and the Fabian Society. I help campaign for both the local and national Labour party, I support workers' rights both through my membership of the Universities and Colleges Union and UCULeft, and through solidarity with other unions.

I thoroughly recommend that all UK lecturers, university researchers and graduate students join the UCU. Without your input, it cannot represent you!

As and when I feel the need to write on a political subject, I'll post it below.

   "We do not wish to enter the age of abundance only to find that we have lost the values which must teach us how to enjoy it"
      ——Tony Crosland, The Future of Socialism

Politics in Oxford

  • The Oxfordshire Labour Party needs you! Go to Oxford Labour's New Website for more details.

  • The Oxford University Labour Club has a long history of activism, see here.

Political Witterings