Magnetically confined fusion is an exciting area of research, both because of its applications to solving the energy crisis and because of the exciting physics questions it forces us to address.

My current research is split broadly into two strands:

  • Gyrokinetics: The kinetic theory of low-frequency turbulence in magnetised plasmas. This is the basic theory from which our theoretical understanding (both analytical and numerical) stems. I am interested in the foundations of this theory and possible extensions & reductions of it. Specific projects include:

    • Collisions in Gyrokinetics -- why we need dissipation and how it should be modelled,
    • Multiscale Gyrokinetics as a Mean-Field theory of fusion plasmas,
    • The behaviour of electrons in electromagnetic gyrokinetic turbulence
  • Energetic Particles: Future reactors and reactor-relevant experiments will contain highly energetic particles born from the fusion of the fuel ions. I am interested in how these particles alter the performance of the plasma. This includes the study of

    • Instabilities -- how energetic particles can drive instabilities and how they alter the stability of pre-existing microinstabilities.
    • Transport of Energetic Particles -- how do the energetic particles traverse the plasma, where do they deposit their energy, etc.